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December 30, 2014
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December 30, 2014
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Planning Your Retirement Mission


Investing for your retirement is a lot like mankind’s quest to colonize the red planet.

Mankind has always looked up at the sky with longing. From the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans we have pointed our eyes and our telescopes upward and dreamed of making a home on another world. The red planet especially has captured our imaginations. Its similarities to Earth and relative closeness to us in the solar system have made it an attractive option for our first foray into the colonization of space. But even Mars seemed hopelessly distant. How could we possibly reach it? And if we got there, how would we survive?

As time passed, this lack of solid information led to all manner of myths cropping up about the red planet. People said it was a dangerous world of harsh, dry deserts punctuated by swiftly flowing rivers and canals. It was inhabited by all manner of hostile alien creatures. Mars, we were told, was an unfriendly, inhospitable place. Most despaired of ever reaching it, let alone finding a way to live there. Those who didn’t give up based their plans on wild rumors and misinformation.

However, as science marched forward in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, mankind suddenly had a much more accurate picture of conditions on Mars. Probes brought back soil samples and images of the surface, dispelling the myths we had long believed. Advances in technology made the idea of sending a manned mission to the red planet realistic. Mankind now looks to the sky with confidence that one day soon they will plant their first colony on Mars.

Do you see the connection to your retirement plans? We all aspire to retire with enough financial assets to live comfortably, but that goal often seems out of reach. Not only is it a distant goal, depending on your age, but it’s fraught with risk. How will you put away enough? What investments will get you there? Once you get there, how will you make sure the money doesn’t run out before you die? And what if taxes go up or the stock market crashes? What will you do then?

There are many people who will try to help you answer these questions, but myths and misinformation abound. Much of the conventional wisdom is based on outdated or inaccurate models. You might think you’ve got it figured out, but what if you’re operating on unreliable information?

Just as new discoveries and new technologies could make a manned mission to Mars a reality in the near future, so too are new research and new methods— and rediscovered, tried-and-true methods from the past—making your secure retirement possible. With accurate advice and proper planning, you can invest in a Future Proof retirement. Let us show you how.

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